The rationale for and purposes of the website

The site serves several purposes. First and foremost, it presents Supras, what it does, how it works, and where it works. Secondly, it gives access to a lot of the output of Supras (including work by Lars T. Soeftestad prior to Supras). Thirdly, it is a repository of relevant work by third parties in Supras’ core service areas. Fourthly, through this growing repository of relevant development documentation in these service areas, the site aims to function as a resource and to provide broad knowledge management and strategic communication services.

Site structure / organization

The architecture of the site is structured around a number of sections. The sections, in turn, contains pages that, in some cases, are hierarchically organized. The sections are: About, Profile, Services, Portfolio, Impact, Library, Knowledge, Links and Support. The content of each section should be intuitively clear from the name. There are closer relationships between some of sections in that they feed into each other, and in the order in which they are listed above, as follows:

  • About (esp. Vision and Strategy) » Profile
  • Profile » Services
  • Services » Portfolio
  • Portfolio » Impact

Navigating the site

The navigation bar under the header, available on all pages, contains two key tools for navigating and accessing the site. On the left side is the “breadcrumb trail” that tells you in which section you are, and furthermore where in this section you are (that is, which sub-section and page). The right side contains links to key pages for navigating the site, namely Contact, FAQ, Help, News, Page index, Search and Site map.